Rental Home Deals

Finding great rental home deals for your vacation is a snap and I'll show you exactly where to look to get the most bang for your buck.

Vacation home rentals have become an incredibly popular alternative to the traditional hotel room when it comes to theme park vacations.

Lodging is usually one of the biggest chunks of a vacation budget and most savvy travelers want to make certain that every dollar is spent wisely.

Not only are vacation homes clean and conveniently located next to many major theme parks, but they are also very affordable.

Most private vacation homes offer considerably more living space than you will find in the typical hotel room and are a great value for the budget-conscious.

These homes are perfect for large families that need a little more room to spread out or perhaps two families who are traveling together and want to stay under one roof. Most rental homes offer several bedrooms and can sleep up to 12 people, which often makes the cost per person far less than that of a hotel.

Renting a vacation home is not like making a hotel reservation and typically requires signing an agreement and making a security deposit with the vacation property owner. The deposit is usually returned a few days after check-out, assuming that nothing in the home was damaged or taken.

This agreement is legally binding and provides more detail than the standard form you might find at a hotel. Make certain that you read and understand the terms of your agreement and are fully aware of all fees and deposits that due before signing the rental agreement so you can avoid any surprises later on.

Vacation rental homes are my number one choice in accommodations when taking a theme park vacation. We buy groceries and save additional money by eating meals at our rental home and by preparing and taking snacks to the park. We all have our own bedrooms and can go to bed at our regular and often different bedtimes.

I enjoy that "home away from home" freedom that comes with my rental fee and because I shop around, that rental fee is always less than that of a typical hotel stay. And, yes, I can say "always" because I do a lot of research before I ever spend a dime on a deposit.

Of course, your budget is the first thing to consider when narrowing down your search results. Planning ahead and booking your rental home several weeks or even months ahead of time can save you money as well as give you peace of mind.

But if you're making last-minute travel plans, don't worry that you may have missed out on early bird savings because you can often take advantage of great rental home deals with last-minute cancellations.

Rental home booking agencies always have customers that, for whatever reason, have to forfeit their deposit and cancel their reservation at the eleventh hour.

They obviously don't want to have an empty rental home for a week so they often offer it up for a discounted price so that it will be rented quickly.

They win and you definitely win and come away with a great rental home deal on a home that fits your budget.

Although there are several online rental home agencies available, my first step in finding a great rental home deal always begins with EBAY. There are hundreds of rental properties listed and I am never disappointed in the amount of results I find.

Keep in mind that this option is best suited for theme park vacations to the larger parks, like Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Busch Gardens Europe, since a lot investors purchase rental properties near major tourist attractions.

If you're new to the process, don't fret…it's totally free to sign up and EBAY provides excellent tutorials in case you have any questions.

Click on one of the cities below and start surfing EBAY for rental home deals.

• Dollywood

• Walt Disney World
• Universal Studios Orlando
• SeaWorld Orlando

Los Angeles
• Disneyland
• Six Flags Magic Mountain
• Universal Studios Hollywood

• Busch Gardens Africa

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