Discount Disney Tickets

Yes, discount Disney tickets for Disneyland and Walt Disney World do exist, and from multiple legitimate sources.

But before you begin your search, you should be aware that the ticket world is full of scams and con artists that sell fraudulant tickets.

Even legitimate discount Disney tickets may not quite be quite as cheap as you had hoped for or expected...but every little bit helps!

Deciding to take your family to one of the Disney theme parks almost certainly dictates that you hunt for bargains ahead of time to ensure that you stretch your hard-earned vacation budget as far as it will go.

When you first begin your quest, you may also discover not only Disney theme park tickets at a discounted rate, but also discounts on airfare, hotel rooms, rental cars, and even entire vacation packages.

Keep this in mind because you may accidentally find a honey of a vacation deal that you would have otherwise missed out on. Now let's talk about tickets...

Discount Disney Ticket Hunting: What To Do

There are a few things you'll need to do before you even start your online bargain hunting. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, preferably in a grid or table format for easy at-a-glance comparison.

Write down all information on company names, web address, prices, contact information, etc. Don't skip this step because if you don't write down all this information, you'll most likely forget the details as soon as you leave a website.

The first step in your online research is to establish a "baseline" ticket price. Visit the official website of the Disney theme park where you plan to vacation.

For those of you who aren't aware of it, there are many, many different types of is Disney theme park tickets.

Examine all the choices, and then decide exactly what type of ticket you want, and with which options (how many days, what meal plan, how many theme parks, etc).

Next, go through the motions of buying tickets online (but stop just short of paying for them!) at the official website.

This will give you the baseline price, Disney's official price for the type of ticket you want. This is the price various vendors will have to beat to give you a true "discount" ticket.

Now that you've established your baseline ticket price, do a Google web search on "discount Disney tickets" or something similar.

You'll most likely get several pages of results, but for the sake of simplicity, just examine the options in the first page, especially the advertisements on the top and sides of the result page.

Go through the online ticket-buying process (once again stopping just short of paying) to get the ticket prices for at least five different companies.

Some companies my require you to telephone them or send an email to get a quote, but Don't be discouraged by this extra time-consuming step.

This usually means that the company is used to dealing with bargain-hunters, and would rather you talk with a real salesperson to make sure that their company can offer you the best deal they have.

At this point, it's just a matter of choosing the company that offers the tickets with the most options at the lowest price. Here are the two discount brokers that I have used successfully in the past and can recommend personally.

Know Before You

These two websites are a great place to start your comparison shopping. Just make sure that you are comparing "apples-to-apples" when it comes to ticket features and options.

Discount Disney Ticket Hunting: What NOT To Do

The anonymity of the internet lends itself well to swindlers and con men.

These days, anyone with a computer scanner and printer can create convincing counterfeit Disney tickets.

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Here are some precautions you can take to protect yourself from fraud when bargain hunting for discount Disney tickets online.

First, be extremely cautious if you are considering buying tickets on eBay and Craig's List. A quick search of discount Disney tickets on either of these sites will turn up hundreds of listings, and you can guarantee that at least some of them are frauds.

Sure, some might be legitimate and offer you a great deal, but it's almost impossible to tell the difference between honest men and con men by looking at the listing alone. You may not want to take the risk at all.

Few vacation disasters are worse than flying all the way to Orlando, Florida only to discover at the entrance to Walt Disney World that your tickets are fakes.

Not only are you out the cost of your phony tickets, but then you have to purchase additional tickets at premium prices.

Second, never order discount Disney tickets online without verifying the website's authenticity.

In general, online travel agencies and vacation planners are much more likely to be legitimate businesses offering authentic tickets.

Still, professional-looking travel sites have been known to sell fake tickets.

If you are seriously considering ordering discount Disney tickets online, double check the dealer's legitimacy first, just to be sure.

You can do this by checking the security ticket for the website. E-commerce sites usually display their security seal (from companies such as VeriSign) prominently to put potential customer's fears at ease.

Third, search the internet for customer reviews for that travel website.

If it has overall positive customer feedback, you can probably trust it.

On the other hand, if that company has a lot of negative feedback, especially for shady dealings, avoid that travel site and look elsewhere for discount Disney tickets.

Fourth, don't use up a full day of your vacation time sitting through a timeshare presentation.

In case you don't know, timeshare companies will often offer you free Disney tickets in exchange for simply sitting through their sales pitch. Unless you just really want to got his route, just plan on enjoying the day with your family at Disney.

I have done this and the method does have it's merits, and I recommend it if you have the extra time and an iron will. But remember that it can also turn out to be a very expensive "free" Disney ticket if you wind up buying a timeshare!

Another thing to keep in mind is that these free tickets are almost always the bare-bones, cheapest tickets available...almost always for one person, for one day, at one theme park.

For example, if you chose to visit the Magic Kingdom with that free ticket, you wouldn't be able to visit the Epcot Center without having to buy another ticket or an upgrade.

Furthermore, unless you live nearby and are on a day trip, you are most likely vacationing for several days at the Disney theme park. If this is the case, then a one-person, one-day ticket will not be terribly useful.

With a little time and effort on research, and common-sense caution, you can find discount Disney tickets online that could save you a lot of money during your vacation.

Just don't wait until you reach the gates of a Disney theme park to buy tickets and pay full price. Purchase your tickets online well before hand, avoid nasty surprises, and guarantee your family a smoother, happier vacation.

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