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Texas attractions are listed below in alphabetical order.

Sandy Lake Amusement Park

Sandy Lake Amusement Park is family-owned park in the Dallas area that offers carnival rides as well as miniature golf, paddle boats and super large pool. The park features over 20 classic carnival rides including the “Tilt-A-Whirl”, “Scrambler”, “Rock-O-Plane” and the “Rock-N-Roll”. The kiddie rides include a miniature train, carousel, the “Little Dipper” and “Bulgy the Whale”. Sandy Lake also features a state-of-the-art arcade, Shetland pony rides and a children's barnyard.

Sandy Lake is open from April to September with varying days of operation.

For more information on this Texas theme park, please contact:

Sandy Lake
1800 Sandy Lake Road
Carrollton, TX 75006


Schlitterbahn, a German word meaning "slippery road", has three water parks in Texas with attractions in New Braunfels, Galveston Island and South Padre Island.

The New Braunfels location is rated the #1 water park in the U.S. by the Travel Channel.

They provide free parking, life jackets and inner tubes and are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day with varying hours of operation.

Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort is located in New Braunfels between Austin and San Antonio. Built along the Comal River, this 65-acre flagship park originally opened in 1979 and now features over thirty rides including nine tube chutes and seventeen water slides. This Texas theme park is divided into two areas several city blocks apart with free shuttles between each.

Schlitterbahn West consists of the original 40 acres and provides year-round accommodations at the Resort at the Bahn. It includes the four areas below:

Das Lagune features the world’s longest tube chute, “Raging River” as well as the “Hillside” tube chute which weaves in and out of the buildings and ends up in a large swimming pool. This area also features the “Soda Straws” body slides, the “Lagoon” activity pool and the slides of “Lagoon” kiddie park.

Slidenplatz is home to Schlitterbahn's trademark 60-foot German castle along with the “Double Loop” body slides, the “Whitewater” tube chute and the “Downhill Racer”.

Kinderlund is a kids area that includes the “Hansel and Gretel Kiddie Park” and “Polywog Pond” water play area. This area also includes an arcade and the small slides and shallows of the “Tadpole Kiddie Pool”. Slides include the three “Der Bahn” speed slides, the four-story “Banzai Pipeline “tube slides and Cliffhanger” tube chute.

Wavefest is home to “The Beach” wave pool, the lazy “Congo River” and the “Gator Bowl” activity pool. Water attractions include the “Comal Express”, “River” and “Tunnel” tube chutes and the “Sandbar Hot Tub”.

Schlitterbahn East consists of 25 acres that were added in 1991 and provides year-round accommodations at the Resort at the Rapids. It includes the two areas below:

Surfenburg features the world's first surfing machine,” Boogie Bahn” as well as the world's first uphill water coaster, the “Dragon Blaster”. This area also features several family attractions like the “Family Blaster” uphill water ride and the “Squirt N’ Sliden” water play area. Guests can cross the logs of “Hang Ten Harbor” at the “Kristal Cove” family pool or float down the “Backsplash” lazy river into the “Kristal River” activity pool.

Blastenhoff features the world’s best water ride, the “Master Blaster” uphill water coaster and the Schlitterbahn original ride, the “Torrent’, which is a combination lazy river and a wave pool. The “Skycoaster” is also located here. Water attractions include the huge “Blastenhoff Beach” wave pool, the “Black Knight” enclosed slides and the “Wolfpack” family raft ride. Younger guests can enjoy the “Kinderhaven” activity pool and the water playhouse, “Han’s Hideout”.

For more information on this Texas theme park, please contact:

Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort
381 East Austin Street
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Schlitterbahn Beach is the second of the Schlitterbahn parks and is near the southernmost point of Texas in South Padre Island. Located along the North Beach on the Gulf of Mexico, this 26-acre tropical-themed Texas theme park features a dozen attractions and is the first water park to feature the state-of-the-art “Transportainment” river system that allows guests to navigate the park without leaving the water.
Schlitterbahn Beach is encircled by the “Rio Adventura” river which allows guest to exit onto different slides around the park and features the “Aqua Veyor” water lifting system that lifts rafters up to the beginning of the river.

The “Agua Blanca” and “Toribio” tube chutes are located within the “Rio Adventura” river along with the “Agua Blanca” and “Toribio” tube chutes. Guests can also exit the river and float into lines that allow them to ride the uphill water coasters, “Gale Force” “Storm Chaser” and “Sea Blaster”.

The “Tempest” uphill coaster requires guests to leave the water to begin the ride but deposits them back into the “Rio Adventura” at rides end. The park also includes the three “Wizard’s Waterways” body slides and the famous “Boogie Bahn2” surfing machine.

Schlitterbahn Beach includes the “Bonita”, “Copacabana”, “Ipanema” and “Flamingo” beaches along with the “Rio Beach” wave pool. Families and kids can enjoy the “Lily Pad” kid’s water play area and the five-story castle at “Sandcastle Cove” family play area complete with pools, slides and interactive water features. Live entertainment is also included at the “Marina Arena”.

For more information on this Texas theme park, please contact:

Schlitterbahn Beach
90 Park Road Highway 100
South Padre Island, TX 78597

Schlitterbahn Galveston Island opened in 2006 as the third water park in the Schlitterbahn family of Texas theme parks. This 15-acre park is the world’s first convertible water park that features an area with a retractable roof that can be opened or closed for indoor/outdoor year-round operation.

It has a German festival theme throughout its three areas and includes more than 20 indoor and outdoor attractions. The park also features a state-of-the-art “Transportainment” river system comprised of the “Torrent River”, “Kristal River” and “Whitewater River” that allows guests to navigate the three areas of the theme park without leaving the water. The three areas are listed below:

Wasserfest is the 70,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor convertible area that operates year-round with varying operating hours from October through April. During the winter, the convertible roof is closed converting the area into a climate-controlled indoor park with heated water. It features over a dozen water attractions including the “Loopy Luge” and “Guada-loopy” tube chutes as well as the six-story speed slides of “Rohr!” and “Faust & Furious”. Guests can float around Wasserfest on the “Torrent River” tidal river or enjoy the sandy “Torrent Beach” area. Kiddie areas include the “Torrent Beach Kid’s Area” with slides and showers and the “Wasserfest Kids' Area” with a schooner with slides and water features.

Surfenburg is one of two outdoor areas of the park that are open from April through September. Rides include the “Dragon Blaster” and “Tempest” uphill water coasters, “Banzai Pipeline” body slides and the “Thunder Tub” and “Wolfpack” raft rides. Guests can ride a wave at the “Wave Lagoon” or on the “Boogie Bahn” surfing machine. The “Kristal River” encircles Surfenburg and is accessible from the three beach areas of “Kristal Bay”, “Kristal Cove” and “Kristal Beach”. This area also includes the “Tiki Tikes” kid’s play area with kid-sized slides and pool.

Blastenhoff is the second outdoor area that features the “Cliffhanger “and “F5: Twin Twisters” thrill slides and the “Whitewater River” rafting adventure via the “Aqua Veyor” water lifting system . This area also has the “Treasure Island Kids' Pool” with slides and a ship and the beaches of “Whitewater Cove” and “Whitewater Beach”.

For more information on this Texas theme park, please contact:

Schlitterbahn Galveston Island
2026 Lockheed Street
Galveston, Texas 77554

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