South Dakota Attractions

South Dakota theme park attractions, amusement parks and water parks can be found scattered around the Mt. Rushmore State.

Visitors come to this stunning vacation destination to take in the incredible scenery and wildlife of the state parks, explore the Black Hills and even dig for dinosaur bones.

Flying into South Dakota is no problem with two major airports throughout the state to choose from. You may find it cheaper to fly into one South Dakota airport and then drive the short distance to your destination.

Just make sure that the rental car fees don’t eclipse your airfare savings. Most travel agencies also offer greater savings when you book your air travel, rental car, theme park tickets and hotel accommodations all at once.

Airports are located in the following cities:

• Rapid City
• Sioux Falls

Whether you choose to drive or fly, the map below will help you plan a great South Dakota Family Theme Park Vacation.

South Dakota

Theme parks are marked with colored flags.
Airports are marked with black flags.

For driving directions:

• Click on the location that you’re interested in.
• Click on “Directions” tab in that window.
• Fill in the” To Here” and “From Here” information.

Click below for a short description of each park.

Aberdeen Aquatic Center
Evans Plunge Indoor Water Park
Flintstones Bedrock City
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Indoor Waterpark
Rushmore Water Slide Park
Spearfish Aquatics
Storybook Island
Thunder Road Family Fun Park
WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort
Wild Water West Waterpark & Adventurepark
Wylie Park

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