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Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags over Georgia is a 331-acre theme park located west of downtown Atlanta. Opened since 1967, it is the second oldest Six Flags park in America, with the original being the Six Flags Over Texas park in Arlington.

Like its sister park in Texas and others, the initial design of Six Flags Over Georgia was inspired by six different flags that have flown over the state during its history, which include the flags of Spain, France, United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Confederate States of America and the state of Georgia.

The park features world-class shows, over 100 rides and attractions, ten thrill coasters and interaction with some famous Justice League superheroes and LOONEY TUNES favorites.

Guests enter this Georgia theme park through The Promenade and travel to the various themed areas within the park listed below.

The Georgia area is home to the “Log Jamboree” log ride as well as the “The Georgia Scorcher”, one of the Southeast’s tallest and fastest stand-up coasters.

The USA area features the “Shake, Rattle & Roll” scrambler and the thrilling “Goliath” giant hypercoaster. Guest can also check out the “Fearmans’ Manor” haunted house.

Gotham City is the area of the park dedicated to the Caped Crusader. It features the “Gotham City Crime Wave” swing along with the world’s first triple loop coaster, “Mind Bender” and “Batman: The Ride” suspended thrill coaster.

The French features the “Monster Plantation” attraction where guests can take a ride through a haunted mansion and meet some friendly ghosts. Guests can also visit the “Rabun Gap Railroad Station” and take a train ride around the park. Another train station is located in the Confederate area.

Lickskillet is home to the parks newest attraction, the “Thomas the Tank Engine” train ride in the “Thomas Town” area. Guests can also check out the “Wild West Comedy Gun Fight Show” at the Lickskillet Stage. Water rides include “Splash Water Falls” and the “Thunder River” white water raft ride. Other attractions include the “Wheelie” spinning gondolas and the “Sky Buckets” sky ride to Confederate area.

The Cotton States area includes four of the Georgia theme parks thrill coasters, including the “Ninja”, “Fearless Freeps Dare Devil Dive” skycoaster and the “Superman: Ultimate Flight” flying thrill coaster. It also features one of the tallest wooden coasters in the world, the “Great American Scream Machine”. Family rides include the “Dodge City Bumper Cars” and “Hanson Cars”. Kiddie rides include the “Rockin’ Tug”, “Riverview Carousel” and the “Up, Up & Away” balloon ride.

Skull Island is a pirate-themed mini water park located within this Georgia theme park and is included with admission. It is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day and features an interactive water playground with cannons, spewing volcano, giant tipping buckets and six slides.

The Spanish area features the “WILE E. COYOTE Canyon Blaster” kiddie coaster located next to BUGS BUNNY World. BUGS BUNNY World is the sprawling kids section where guests meet and greet their favorite Looney Tunes characters and play in the BUGS BUNNY’s Playfort with the “Carrot Patch”. Rides include the “Santa Maria” pirate ship ride and the “Toro, Toro” bull ride. Little ones can also take a ride in the “Convoy Grande” trucks, “Swing Seville” swings and “Little Aviator” planes. Shows include the “Looney Tunes Talent Show” at the Bugs Bunny World Theater.

The Confederate area includes the thrill rides “Acrophobia” 16-story tower drop and the “Dahlonega Mine Train” steel coaster. Guests can board the “Sky Buckets” and travel to the Lickskillet area or visit the “Marthasville Railroad Station” and take a train ride around the park. Another train station is located in the French area.

The British area is the Colonial themed area of the park and features the “Georgia Cyclone” wooden coaster, a classic coaster with 11 dramatic drops, patterned after Coney Island's famous thrill ride.

Six Flags Over Georgia theme park offers a variety of ticket options and is open seasonally with varying operating hours.

For more information on this Georgia theme park, please contact:

Six Flags Over Georgia
275 Riverside Parkway
Austell, GA 30168

Six Flags White Water & American Adventures

Six Flags White Water is a 50-acre water park located outside of Atlanta in Marietta. Voted one of the USA's top ten water parks, it is open May through September and features three children’s areas and over two dozen slides and attractions.

The park is divided into the four areas listed below.

Pine Valley features the “Atlanta Ocean” wave pool and the lazy “Little Hooch River” as well as the parks three children’s areas. The shallow play pool, “Little Squirt’s Island”, features interactive water toys for infants and toddlers. “Captain Kid’s Cove” is aimed at kids 12 and features over 100 interactive water activities. Kids of all ages can enjoy the four-story interactive play structure at “Tree House Island” that features slides, bridges and giant tipping bucket. Also included in this area is the six-story funnel raft ride, “Tornado”.

Slippery Ridge contains the highest concentration of slides in the park, including the double-tube slides of the “Bermuda Triangle” and the super fast “Caribbean Plunge” that drops guests 100 feet in three seconds. Other slides include the “Black River Falls” dark slide, the “Gulf Coast Screamer” enclosed slide and the triple drop of the “Dragon’s Tail”. Guests can race one another on “The 100-Meter Splash” six-lane toboggan slide or ride the “Tidal Wave” body flume into the “Little Hooch River”. Slippery Ridge also features “The Famous Bahama Bob-Slide” raft ride.

Wildwater Lagoon features “The Rapids” white water raft ride and is where guests can use the overhead ropes to navigate “Lilypad Crossing”. Slides in this area include the “Three-slide Body Flume”, the “Banzai Pipeline”, “Mutiny Chute” and the “Lizard’s Tail”.

Flash Flood Canyon allows guests plunge down one of the world's tallest free-fall water slides, the nine-story “Cliffhanger”, or take a wide ride a four-person raft through a 735-foot-long tunnel on the “Run-a-Way River”.

American Adventures is a small indoor/outdoor seasonal amusement park located next door to Six Flags White Water. Intended for children 12 years old and under, attractions include an arcade, a dozen rides, the “Hidden Harbor Golf” miniature golf course and “The Foam Factory”.

All the rides are located within the “Fun Forest” and include the “Barnstormer Plane Ride”, “Crazy Bus”, and the “Galleon Swinging Ship”. Other rides include the “Timberline Trucks”, “Treetop Swings” and the “Chuckwagon Wheel” Ferris wheel as well as the “Main Street Bumper Cars”, “Turn of the Century Scrambler“ and the “Tea Cup Twirl”. Guests can take a ride around the park on the “Rio Grande Railroad”, slide down the “Super Slide” and ride the “Ridgeline Racer Coaster”.

“The Foam Factory” is a multi-level playhouse where foam balls are launched, dropped from above and catapulted from more than 80 different launchers.

For more information on these Georgia theme parks, please contact:

Six Flags White Water & American Adventures
250 Cobb Parkway North
Marietta, GA 30062

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