Airfare Deals

Finding airfare deals isn't as hard as it seems and flying to your theme park vacation destination definitely has its benefits.

Flying cuts travel time by at least half or more, depending on your destination, and leaves you with more time to enjoy your time off.

It also saves wear and tear on your car, and more importantly your nerves, by not being cooped up hours on end with cranky kids, which then leads to cranky parents!

Here are the latest deals if you're planning to buy your plane tickets separately. Click on one of the cities below and start your search for great airfare deals.

Dallas/Ft. Worth
Hartford/New Haven
Los Angeles
Minneapolis/St. Paul
New York City

St. Louis
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Francisco

Here are a few things to keep in mind after you book that great airfare deal:

• Most airlines allow you one carry-on bag and limit your check-in baggage to two bags per person. Be sure to check out the luggage size and weight restrictions on the airline you are using to avoid having to pay additional costs and penalties for luggage overages. Click here for a list of permitted and restricted items.

• Try getting to the airport at least two hours before your flight time to allow enough time for security screenings. A favorite or planned book to read or something fun to do will keep you occupied if you do end up having time on your hands.

Most boarding happens early these days due to security concerns so it is definitely more crucial to be early rather than risking being refused at the boarding gate due to safety regulations.

• If you are delayed and miss your flight for any reason, you need to know what your options are ahead of time. Airline errors, overbooking or inclement weather could delay or even cancel your vacation plans. If the delay is the result of the airline, be sure to inquire about seat upgrades, complimentary meals and/or hotel rooms or free flight vouchers.

• To avoid paying for over-priced airport food, be sure to take along extra water and snacks.

Also take along some extra reading materials and if you're traveling with kids, bring along some travel games and some of those printable theme park games and activities.

• Do you have a non-stop flight? Non-stops do not stop while direct flights may stop several times.

Check with your travel agent or airline and be aware of how long your layover will be at which airport as well as where the connection flights will be through. Sometimes the best airfare deals include layovers.

• Seating arrangements on the plane can be done in advance or at time of booking even. Ensure you get what is comfortable for you and verify that you have what you need, requested and paid for. This is very important for those traveling with special needs, parents traveling with infants and pregnant passengers.

• If you are in for a long flight, there are several suggestions for seeing it through. Getting a good night's sleep the night before and wearing comfortable clothes and shoes that are fully broken in are all advisable. Taking casual strolls up and down the aisles keeps the circulation going and making several trips to the washroom to wash your face and brush your teeth will keep you refreshed.

• Planes can also be very cool spaces, so ask for a blanket and pillow when you sit down in your seat. You could also include a light jacket in your carry-on to take off the chill.

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