Busch Gardens Europe

Busch Gardens Europe is a 100-acre theme park located about 3 miles east of the historic colonial Williamsburg.

Part of the Busch Entertainment Corporation family of companies, it is themed around the history and culture of old-world Europe with quaint villages and picturesque scenery that is meant to transport guests to 17th century.

The park features over 50 rides and attractions that include some of the world's top-rated roller coasters.

Also included are numerous animal exhibits, nine main stage shows, and a wide array of award-winning cuisine and top-notch shops.

Even though the park is famous for some of its rides, it is the lush and beautiful landscaping that has helped Busch Gardens Europe to be voted the world's “Most Beautiful Theme Park” for seventeen consecutive years.

It has also ranked first among the world's “Favorite Theme Parks” for the fourth year in a row by the National Amusement Park Historical Association. Here's a preview of some of the great rides at BG Europe that you will read about below.

Courtesy of Busch Entertainment Corporation

Busch Gardens Europe is divided into organized areas called "hamlets" that feature the sights, sounds and foods of their specific countries. The areas are listed below:

England is located at the entrance of the park where guests begin their journey in the Banbury Cross area that includes Stine's Haunted Lighthouse. Banbury Cross is filled with a variety of specialty shops and eateries and a replica of Big Ben in the courtyard. The Globe Theatre resides here as well and features the comedy movie,Pirates 4-D, starring Eric Idle and Leslie Nielsen. This area also includes one of three skyride stations that connects to France and Germany.

Scotland features the beautiful Heatherdowns village where guests stop by the Tweedside Train Station and take scenic locomotive ride through Scotland, Italy and New France. Heatherdowns is also home to the Budweiser Clydesdales and the double-looping, 60-mph “Loch Ness Monster” roller coaster.
Italy boasts a variety of attractions in the Festa Italia village, including one of the nation’s top ten steel coasters, “Apollo’s Chariot”.

Water rides include the “Roman Rapids” white water raft ride and the “Escape from Pompeii” splashdown ride.

Kiddie rides in this area include “Elephant Run” and the “Turkish Delight” teacups.

Da Vinci’s Garden of Inventors also features a few kiddie rides along with “The Flying Machine” ride, swinging “Battering Ram”, and the circling “Da Vinci’s Cradle”.

The San Marco village can also be found here along with the “Viva Italia” musical comedy show at the Theatro San Marco. Guests can board one of the park’s steam locomotives at the Festa Train Station or travel by pedestrian bridge over the Rhine River and into the Oktoberfest village.

Germany includes the Rhinefeld village where the only Hummel factory outside of Germany is located. Guests can also take a Rhine River cruise or head to the skyride station for an aerial ride above the park. Kids of all ages can enjoy the “Land of the Dragons” play area that features a playground with a three-story treehouse and seasonal shows. Some of the playground rides includes a Ferris wheel and the “Riffle Rapids” flume ride.

Also located in Germany is the Oktoberfest village where The Das Festhaus restaurant offers hungry guests the opportunity to enjoy the “This is Oktoberfest” German song and dance show. This area is also home to “The Big, Bad Wolf” suspended coaster and the six inversions of the “Alpengeist” coaster that is made to resemble a runaway ski lift in the German Alps. Other attractions include the “Curse of DarKastle” 3-D adventure ride and the “Waveswinger”, bumper cars, swings, and the “Katapult” scrambler kiddie rides.

New France is French-Canadian logging village that features a variety of rustic shops and an old-time photo studio. Guests can make their own family heirlooms at Caribou Pottery or catch the live music show, “American Jukebox”, at the Canadian Palladium. The Caribou Train Station is also located here along with the ”La Scoot” flume ride.

France is home to the newest roller coaster at Busch Gardens Europe, the ”Griffon”. Known as the world’s tallest and first floorless dive coaster, the “Griffon” thrills riders with a 70-mph, 205 foot, 90 degree initial drop, plus loops, rolls, and a water splash. This area also features the Aquitaine village which includes many specialty shops along with one of the park's skyride stations. the Royal Palace Theatre is in this area as well and features the “Kinetix” live music, dance and acrobatics show.

Ireland is the most recent country in the parks history and includes the quaint Killarney village. Attractions include the “Corkscrew Hill” magical simulator ride as well as the “Secrets of Castle O’Sullivan” music show. Guests can also enjoy the “Emerald Beat” Irish dance show in the Abbey Stone Theatre or visiting artisans at “Emerald Isle”.

Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve of endangered animals is located between France and Ireland.

Guests can visit the bald eagle habitat at Eagle Ridge or visit the grey wolves at Wolf Haven and Wolf Valley.

The Shenanigans Theatre is also located along the way and offers the fun-filled, live-action animal show, “More Pet Shenanigans”.

Busch Gardens Europe is open daily from late May through Labor Day, and weekends from late March through Halloween.

There are single and multi ticket options available that include admission to the nearby Busch water park, Water Country USA. Virginia residents are eligible to purchase a Fun Card which allows them to pay for a day and receive unlimited visits to Busch Gardens Europe through the first of September. Click here to find great travel deals to BG Europe.

Busch Entertainment Corporation is also offering all active duty and ready reserve members of the service one day's free admission along with up to three direct dependents to Busch Gardens Europe or one of BEC's other parks. To register for the Here's to the Heroes program, please visit www.herosalute.com.

For more information on this Virginia theme park, please contact:

Busch Gardens Europe
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